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Thank you for your order. You can access your courses from the My courses tab. You created a password when you purchased the courses and this is what you will use to log in along with your username (email address).

At My courses you should see this:

mycourses           If you haven’t started a course yet, you will start a course. When you click on start a course, you should see all the courses that you purchased. Choose the one you want to begin. When you click on that course it should bring you to a page that looks like this:



Download the course material and read it. You can then come back and take the test / quiz. You can print the test if you want. There are many ways to take the test. If you do it on line and submit it as above then you need not read further.

Ways to return the test: When you download the material you will see a submit button on the first page. After you have typed in your answers you can click that submit button. A box like this will pop up:

email-screen Most of you use internet email, that means you log in to gmail, yahoo, etc to view your mail. you will choose internet mail and click ok. That will bring up a box to save the file. Save the file to your desktop and then you can attach it and email it to us.

Now if that isn’t working for you. What can you do?

You can take a screen shot of your answers. How? On a PC, use the “PrintScreen” key (this may also be “PrtScreen”). This does not actually print the screen: it copies the screen. You can then paste this into a Word document or directly into the body of an email to us. On a Mac, use the combination Command+Control+Shift+3: this take a screenshot of the entire screen, and saves it to the clipboard for pasting into a word document or directly into the body of an email. Some versions will save it on your desktop as a screen shot and you can attach that.  If you print out your answers you can fax them to us. Most printers will allow you to choose the pages you want to print. Just choose the pages the test is on. We also have an upload button on the website where you can choose the file and upload it directly to us. If you give up and don’t want to do any of the above, put it in the mail. We will issue a certificate the same day we receive your answers. We also ask that you fill in the evaluation form, it is actually required by NCCAOM. If you have any problems please give us a call, we will try our best to help you work through it. We welcome your feedback. [toggle title_open=”PROBLEMS / TROUBLESHOOTING:” title_closed=”PROBLEMS / TROUBLESHOOTING:” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default” excerpt_length=”0″ read_more_text=”Read More” read_less_text=”Read Less” include_excerpt_html=”no”]If you are using a Mac and you download the file make sure it is opening in Adobe Reader and not Preview. Preview will not allow you to type in answers, or use the submit button. How can you make it open in Adobe Reader? I suggest you set adobe as the default reader for PDF’s so you don’t have to do it each time. Single click any PDF file while holding the control key. Then select “Get info”from the menu. Click on the little arrow in front of “Open with:” and you will see the application that opens PDF files. The default reader is usually Preview. Click on whatever is listed to open a menu displaying additional choices. Choose Adobe Reader. Back in your “Get info” box make sure you click the “change all” button so that it will always use Reader for PDF’s. Click continue to confirm that you want to change your settings. Mission accomplished.[/toggle]

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