Introduction to Hara Diagnosis



The basics of abdominal diagnosis are that anything you find or feel has significance. Just as the ear, the hand or the foot is used as a microcosm of the whole body, so is the hara. With hara diagnosis, you have the full participation of your patient. They know what they feel and can feed that information back to you.

Here is a quote which helps explain the power of the abdomen, with regards to diagnosis and treatment, “All important energetic concepts in Chinese medicine are linked to the source, the abdominal area. From a diagnostic perspective, palpation of the abdomen is critical. It enables us to diagnose all that reflects there, the moving qi between the Kidneys, the source. Since everything springs from the tai ji, which is equivalent to the ming men and the moving qi, the extra ordinary vessels, the organs and their meridians are all reflected in the abdomen. Treating the indications found on the abdomen is equivalent to treating the problem that created the problem”.
Kiiko Matsumoto & Stephen Birch (1988)

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