Moxibustion Therapy



Moxibustion originated in China over 2,000 years ago.  Ancient books written in silk dating to about 168 BC were uncovered in a tomb site. These books are the earliest to discuss moxibustion.  The method was brought to Japan along with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine around the 6th century. In Chapter 75 of the Lingshu it says: “If stagnation of blood in the vessels cannot be treated by warming up with moxibustion, it cannot be treated.”

Mugwort has an acrid and strong flavor.  It is able to pass through all of the channels / meridians and regulate the qi and blood.  The acrid flavor governs scattering cold and the bitter flavor governs drying dampness.

The class is approved for Florida acupuncture ceus, California acupuncture ceus, and NCCAOM acupuncture pdas.
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Florida 6 ceu’s – General
NCCAOM  6 pda’s in AOM/Biomedicine.
California – 6 ceu’s Category 1