The Role of the Liver Meridian – 10 CEUs / PDAs



The Role of the Liver Meridian – 10 CEUs / PDAs

In this course we will look at the physical channel that the liver meridian follows and the role the meridian plays. We live in an environment where we are given plenty of medical information that doesn’t quite fit into our paradigm. So lets keep in mind that in Chinese Medicine, the liver is an “organ network”. This explains that in the past, Chinese doctors were not knowledgeable in the scientific aspects that are commonplace in today’s medicine. They did not view the organs as physical substances sitting in one place, but rather as extended networks that function throughout the body. We are not simply referring to the western idea of an organ. The Chinese system was developed by considering the person as a whole and by relying on what is visible or palpable at the surface.

The class is approved for Florida acupuncture ceus, California acupuncture ceus, and NCCAOM acupuncture pdas.
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Florida – 10 ceus – General
NCCAOM – 10 ceus AOM / Biomedicine
California 10 ceus – Category 1