Florida Massage Therapists License Renewal Information

Florida Massage Therapists License Renewal Information

Continuing Education requirements for license renewal:

Next renewal Date is August 31, 2025

Total of 24 Continuing Education Hours required per biennium. A certificate will be available online in your account upon completion with passing grade. Your credited hours will be reported to CE Broker on the same day your complete your coursework.

At least twelve (12) of the hours must be relevant to and focus on massage therapy techniques, which may include the history of massage, human anatomy & physiology, kinesiology and/or pathology. These hours must be completed via live classroom instruction (including hands-on instruction or demonstration).

6 of the live hours may be completed via performance of Pro Bono services pursuant to 64B7-28.0095, F.A.C. You must have approval PRIOR to service and the clients must meet Federal standards of need.

Two (2) hours must cover instruction in professional ethics. Note – If you are a new licensee and this is your first renewal, you are not required to complete this course for renewal.

Two (2) hours must cover instruction in the prevention of medical errors.

Two (2) hours must cover instruction in Florida Laws and Rules (Chapter 480 and 456, Florida Statutes and Rule Chapter 64B7, F.A.C.). Note – If you are a new licensee and this is your first renewal, you are not required to complete this course for renewal.


All courses must be obtained through a Board of Massage Therapy Approved Provider

If this is your FIRST license renewal, the following are your specific guidelines for required Continuing Education hours in Florida:

You must complete one continuing education hour for each month or part of a month since the license was issued. The date issued is printed on your license. You must take at least TWO hours in the Prevention of Medical Errors. The remaining hours can be ANY board-approved continuing education courses, including pre-approved pro bono hours. First-time renewals need NOT take two hours of Florida Laws and Rules or two hours of Professional Ethics.

ALL classes for FIRST TIME RENEWALS ONLY may be taken online.

The following courses may be taken online or through home study:

  • 2 ceu’s Florida Laws & Rules
  • 2 ceu’s Professional Ethics
  • 2 ceu’s Prevention of Medical Errors
  • 6 ceu’s General subject matter

Up to four hours of CPR may be taken in this category. We do not teach CPR.

Only 5 hours credit for any video course on one subject will be counted by the board for renewal.


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