Acupuncture License Renewal Hawaii

There are no continuing education requirements for renewal in Hawaii.  The Hawaii DCCA notes that the acupuncturist license date for both renewals  is “biennial by June 30 every odd numbered year.”

Under Hawaii law certain licensed acupuncturists may use the title “Doctor of
Acupuncture”. In order to use the title, a Hawaii licensed acupuncturist must receive
authorization from the Board of Acupuncture (“Board”). A licensee is not required to have the
title “Doctor of Acupuncture” in order to practice acupuncture. In other words, so long as an
individual has been issued an acupuncture license, he/she may practice acupuncture.
The law allows the use of the designation “D.Ac.” In addition, “Doctor” or “Dr.” may
be used as long as the word “Acupuncturist” immediately follows the licensee’s name.
Therefore, the Board suggests the following title uses:

      • Dr. John Doe, Acupuncturist

      • Doctor John Doe, Acupuncturist

      • John Doe, Doctor of Acupuncture

      • John Doe, D.Ac.
        Further, no other titles, prefixes or designations are permitted under the law. For example
        “DOM.” or “OMD” are not permitted.
        If you are a licensee who has not received approval to use the doctor of acupuncture
        title, the Board strongly suggests that you use “L.Ac.” after your name to avoid confusion.
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