Acupuncture License Renewal in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Committee on Acupuncture governs licensees. An Acupuncture license allows an acupuncturist to practice independently in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A full licensee is required to complete 30 hours of continuing acupuncture education per renewal period as a condition of renewal of his/her license. The renewal period is each two year period that begins on the date that a license is issued or renewed by the Committee and ends on the following renewal date.

A licensee seeking Committee approval to employ herbal therapy as part of his/her acupuncture practice must complete 30 hours of continuing education per renewal cycle, and at least ten hours of those 30 hours shall be directly related to Herbology.

All of our courses are approved by NCCAOM.

Easily access our online materials, complete the quiz, and instantly receive your certificate of completion. We will report your completion to the NCCAOM portal on the same day you finish. You will receive a “branded” certificate in your email. We also provide a certificate of completion on our website. Written material is in PDF format, and compatible with all Apple and Windows devices, including phones and tablets. Our videos stream from links to Vimeo. Should you need to retake a quiz because of a non passing grade, simply email, text or call us and we will reset the quiz for you. 

We want the renewal process to be as easy as it can be so if you have any questions or concerns just reach out.

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