NCCAOM Recertification Information



Options for Wellness will issue a certificate of completion when you successfully pass your course quiz with at least 70%.  It will be available online in your account with your completed courses.  This can be printed to send in for your recertification. Please save it for four years. The course number is in the lower right corner, our provider # is 38 the next two numbers are the course number.

With the exception of CA and FL most states use NCCAOM certification for acupuncture continuing education credit. Please check with your licensing board if you are uncertain what the requirements are.

Click Here for a State Licensing Table from NCCAOM

NCCAOM diplomates need to complete 60 professional development activity points (PDA’s) every four years.

Professional Development Activity (PDA) is a Continuing Education Unit (CEU).     1 hour of Instruction = 1 PDA Point

The NCCAOM allows for all of the required credits (PDA points) to be completed online or as distance learning. (Check your state, it may be different)

All Diplomates are required to document a total of 60 PDA points in their four-year recertification cycle. The 60 PDA points are divided into two sections:

    • Core Competence, Knowledge and Skills / AOM and BIO (Acupuncture Oriental Medicine and Biomedicine)
    • Professional Enhancement Activities. (Optional)

Only 4 units allowed in professional enhancement.

*NOTE  all 60 PDA points may be earned in the section of Core Competence, Knowledge and Skills.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) – 4 points are awarded for verification of CPR. NCCAOM requires maintenance of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), a temporary life-maintenance technique. Diplomates must document verification of a CPR course taken during their recertification cycle. A maximum of 4 PDA points is awarded for verification of CPR which is a stand-alone category. These points may not be used in the Safety/Ethics or any other Core Competence, Knowledge and Skills category.

Important Note: An online CPR course certificate/ID card is accepted by the NCCAOM for the CPR recertification requirement; however, each state has its own requirements related to the type and provider(s) of CPR which are accepted for licensure. It is the Diplomates responsibility to check their state’s information to ensure licensure requirements for CPR are attained.

As of January 1, 2016 CPR is required as a stand-alone requirement in addition to 60 PDA points.

Safety and/or Ethics – minimum of 4 points required (i.e.: herbal safety, universal precautions, ethics and liability, public health reporting requirement, etc.) *Effective January 1, 2016 two (2) PDA points are required in each domain of Professional Safety and Professional Ethics.

Section 2: Professional Enhancements Summary (Optional)

NCCAOM offers a multitude of ways to earn PDA’s beyond the Core Competence, Knowledge and Skills section. These optional ways to earn PDA’s may not total more than 30 of the 60 points required.

For more information see:


All NCCAOM Courses –

Ethics – minimum of 2 points required in Ethics each renewal
Florida licensees take note: Florida Laws & Rules review counts as ethics.