New York Acupuncture CEU / PDA Requirements

Sixty [60] Professional Development Activity points [PDAs] or Continuing Education Units [CEUs] are required every four [4] years. Starting Jan. 1st of 2016; twenty-six [26] of these must be in Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine [AOM] &/or western medical and biological courses [BIO]. Two [2] of them must be in Safety. Two [2] of them must be in Ethics. CPR Certification is required but no PDA points are credited for it. The remaining thirty [30] credits can be in Professional Enhancement areas or be more AOM/BIO courses.

Acupuncture has been a licensed profession in the State of New York since 1991. The licensed practitioner of acupuncture in New York State has thereby joined the ranks of the medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, dentist, psychologist and chiropractor as a primary health care provider. Licensed acupuncturists, in other words, may treat patients without first obtaining a medical referral.

Article 160 of the New York State Education Law contains within it the definition of the profession of acupuncture, as well as the scope of practice of the licensed acupuncturist. The law clearly states that a licensed acupuncturist may treat patients for “diseases, disorders and dysfunctions of the body for the purpose of achieving a therapeutic or prophylactic effect.” To paraphrase, the licensed acupuncturist is not limited to the treatment of a particular type of disease condition, nor is he/she confined to treatment of a specific body part. In addition, the law requires that a licensed acupuncturist must advise his/her patients of the importance of medical consultation regarding their condition. The law which governs the practice of acupuncture in New York State affords the practitioner a broad scope of practice, consistent with the holistic perspective promoted by The New York College’s Graduate School of Oriental Medicine.

All of our courses are NCCAOM approved.

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