California Acupuncture License Renewal Information

California Acupuncture License Renewal

Our provider number is CEP 722. California licensees need to complete 50 hours of board approved continuing education every two years for California Acupuncture license renewal.  Up to 50% of the continuing education requirement may be completed through distance education, the other 50% must be live courses of which webinars are acknowledged.  All continuing education hours must be earned within the two year period your license is being renewed.  California licenses expire on the last day of your birth month every two years.  A certificate of completion will be available in your account under completed courses immediately upon completion of your test with a passing grade of 70%.  You may download and print this certificate so you can send it in with your application to renew.    Each acupuncturist is required to retain records of all continuing education courses attended for a minimum of four (4) years.

When renewing an initial license which has been issued for less than two years, active licensees shall complete the following hours of board-approved continuing education:

Period of Initial Licensure Requiring Continuing Education Hours

  • 13-16 Months 35 ceu’s
  • 17-20 Months 40 ceu’s
  • 21-23 Months 45 ceu’s

Thereafter, all active licensees shall complete 50 hours every two years as a condition of renewal.  California allows 25 hours to be completed as home study.

All of our continuing education courses are Category 1.  A certificate will be available online in your completed folder upon completion with passing grade.  We do not have a time limit for courses and you may take test again at no charge should you not pass the first time. Medical Errors is Category 2.