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Acupuncture Continuing Education  with Options for Wellness providing acupuncture ceus and pdas

Every profession sets standards of ethical behavior. Ethical literacy is needed to consistently apply core moral values, and to recognize and think through true ethical dilemmas. This course applies to acupuncture and ethical behavior.

The patient’s health is always the first concern. The doctor’s job is to prevent, cure and treat disease, to alleviate pain and suffering and disability. The doctor strives to minimize the effect of personal feelings, inconvenience and discomfort, financial considerations, influence of others such as third party payers and entrepreneurs threatening to deflect the true physician from placing the patient’s welfare above all other considerations. All patients no matter what their background, are viewed as equals, when it comes to a doctor-patient relationship.

You will have immediate access to your course and upon completing and passing your online test.  A certificate of completion will be available in your completed course folder. We report to CE Broker for Florida licensees on the same day as completion. NCCAOM has implemented an electronic portal for providers to report continuing education for licensees. We will report your work into the portal on the same day as completion and you will have a “branded” certificate from NCCAOM.

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