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This course includes a streaming video with extensive notes downloadable as pdf.

Shen Disorders are of special interest to practitioners of TCM. We are as likely to see a pain-free patient with Anxiety as a back-pain patient suffering from chronic depression. Patients may come specifically for a Shen disorder, but many more are unaware we treat such conditions. Frequently, people with Shen disorders are unaware they have such a problem. As practitioners, we need to know when and how to address these conditions and how to dialogue with the patient.

Alex’s lecture began with a discussion of the Classical concept of Shen, its characteristics, dynamics, and pathologies. He illustrated disorders of Shen in the context of modern life and how to recognize them in clinic. He compared and contrasted Shen disorders with modern Psychiatric diagnoses. Alex shared over 30 years of experience in composing acupuncture, herbal, dietary, and lifestyle protocols for many common patterns.

Beyond that, he discussed what to say to the patient and when to say it. Alex had such a great way with people. He was clear and concise without being judgmental or threatening. He taught us that getting people to want to open-up is much more effective than trying to pry into issues the patient is not ready or willing to discuss. These methods work, even on patients unaware of their Shen disturbance, not just insightful and compliant ones.

Alex believed our intention should be to improve a patient’s ability to adapt. He felt this was especially true in regard to the Shen, based on its role regarding appropriate perception and action. We can do more than treat their current condition, we can help them achieve a state where they can better handle or even avoid pathological factors.

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