Yang Sheng – Cultivating Health 6 CEU’s/PDA’s – Video Class with Alex Tiberi


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Acupuncture Continuing Education with Options for Wellness providing acupuncture ceus and pdas

This course includes a streaming video with extensive notes downloadable as pdf.

Yǎng Shēng (養生) may be the most important concept in TCM and the culture of Chinese health.  The Chinese word “Yang” means to nurture, take care of, and nourish; “Sheng” means life, birth, and vitality.  Together “Yang Sheng” means to nurture or nourish life — fostering health and wellbeing.

Presented by Alex Tiberi, this seminar focuses on techniques of health cultivation.  Special consideration is given to promoting constitutional strength in the developing fetus, infants, and adolescents.  Dao Yin & Qi Gung: Internal practices for cultivating Qi

Diet: Foods, Recipes, & Preparation Methods, Herbs: Non-toxic, seasonal usage to maintain vigor, Elixers: non-toxic substances for attaining the enlightened mental state of an Immortal!

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Acupuncture continuing education Categories:
Florida: 6 acupuncture ceus – General
NCCAOM:  6 pdas in AOM/OM

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