Chinese Medical Pediatrics – 13 CEU’s/PDA’s – Video Class with Alex Tiberi


For over 30 years, Alex Tiberi has practiced, taught, and truly mastered Oriental Medicine. He is a co-founder of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a keynote speaker at the Pacific Symposium of Oriental Medicine. Throughout the years, one of his goals has been to teach the importance of Pediatrics to America Acupuncturists.



Chinese Medical Pediatrics – 13 CEU’s/PDA’s
This seminar presents an overview of the specialty of Pediatrics from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It will afford the practitioner an increased ability to utilize Chinese medical techniques in the treatment of children. A central component of the course is to encourage the integration of both perspectives, Chinese medical and modern biomedical, to common pediatric conditions.

It includes the History of pediatrics in Chinese medicine
Normal physiology and childhood development according to Chinese medicine
Diagnosis for Pediatric Conditions
The Chinese medical patho-physiology unique to children.
Acupuncture, moxa, cupping, tui-na, electrostimulation, and herbs for Children

The class is approved for Florida acupuncture ceus, California acupuncture ceus, and NCCAOM acupuncture pdas.
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Florida 13 ceu’s – General
NCCAOM 13 pda’s in AOM/Biomedicine.
California – 13 ceu’s Category 1